PROJECT UPDATE: We have successfully raised funds to finance more than a 100 laptops for needy girl students in India at LSR college, thanks to generous donors like you! This collaborative  effort was made possible by partnering with non profits like Sampark in India, the LSR college alumni (ELSA community) globally and here in the US, Organizations like Women in Tech and industry groups. PLEASE DO NOT DONATE towards this fund at this time as the fund raiser for the LSR Digital Inclusion Aid is now closed. Donations received for Digital Inclusion Aid after December 1st, 2020 will be directed towards supporting similar efforts at other accredited non profits and fund raisers that are helping bridge this digital divide for needy women and children. December 1st, 2020 is Giving TuesdayPLEASE DO DONATE towards our general fund thats helping support programs to help women at risk, children with special needs and programs for veterans with PTSD. 95% of all donations received get forwarded to the projects and the remaining 5% is applied towards processing fees charged by payment processing portals & operational expenses.



The Digital Inclusion Aid Fund has been set up to close the digital divide for female students.

The current fundraiser is supporting the effort to provide immediate aid to at-risk female students in India in collaboration with - an NGO based in India. Alumni of Lady Shri Ram College for Women (LSR) in Delhi, India have reached out to their local communities to help raise about $75,000 to fund the purchase of urgently needed laptops for 150 current needy students who are having to remotely access courses due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The Founder of Sohum Global Foundation, is also an alumni (ELSA network) of LSR and in an unprecedented effort between college faculty, ELSAs worldwide and the Sampark non profit (also founded by another ELSA) offered to help raise funds by attracting donations from US based alumni. 100% of donations received are being donated to Sampark in India to procure laptops and data packs for these female students by December 12, 2020. To donate please click on the LSR Digital Inclusion button below and send an email to to notify about your donation referencing this fundraiser. Thank you.


More details & updates:

Digital Inclusion (DI) at LSR - an initiative by a few enterprising alumnae of LSR, has taken on the goal of reducing the digital gap for current and future LSR students

Fundraising Goal: 150 laptops, 120 data packs/dongles, logistics cost: Estimated INR 52Lakhs/ $75,000:

You can sponsor a girl student - still teenagers- by donating $555 to help reach this goal quickly.

Delivery Goal: 
Dec 2- 15 laptops ✅ (We expect to be able to reach this goal)

Dec 8: ~135 laptops (More effort is required to meet this target)

Identification & Prioritization of Students: Has been done by College in collaboration with Professors & Students 

The College Endowment account and FCRA account cannot presently be used for a variety of reasons.

Sampark (An NGO of Alumna Smita Premchander) has kindly stepped in to help with DI focused product for fundraising, procurement and delivery. This is in addition to the Dil Se fund being coordinated by ELSA.


1. The Sohum Global Foundation: Provides tax benefits to US residents. US Based donors

can donate through Digital Inclusion button below. Sohum will further donate these funds to the non profit Sampark’s FCRA approved account.

U.S. and other foreign donors who are donating through the Sohum Global Foundation will also get receipts for tax purposes. Our Tax id is 84-2560434.

Checks: We can receive checks from U.S. bank accounts payable to Sohum Global Foundation, Inc.  and mailed to Attn: D. Kamboh, P.O. Box 33, Chromo, CO 81128.

Bank wires/ Transfers: Sohum Global Foundation, Inc. checking account. Wells Fargo Bank;

Routing # 102000076; Checking Account#8200625815.

Wells Fargo Bank Branch address: 50 Harman Drive, Pagosa Springs, CO 81147.


2.  SAMPARK: To Donate in Indian & Foreign Currency:
Digital Inclusion is one of Sampark’s projects; Donors will need to scroll down till they come to the Digital Inclusion project. 

1.1. If Paying by Link: 

1. Procurement Process: Following Sampark’s time-tested audit-ready process. A vendor is being finalized.

2. Pre, during, and Post Delivery Process: While the list of students has been teacher certified, Sampark’s process adds an extra step of pre-delivery survey on the students to re-confirm needs and assess post-delivery support either technical or of other nature. Delivery will be by vendor directly to the student. A post-delivery receipt confirmation check will be done by voluntary Alumnae and College rep and reported back to Sampark for their audit purposes. 

3. Tax Receipts: 80G Certificates provided by Sampark to all donors.

4. U.S. and other foreign donors who are donating through the Sohum Global Foundation will also get receipts for tax purposes. Our Tax id is 84-2560434.