Donations to the Sohum Global Foundation, Inc. provide tax benefits to US residents and donors who are citizens of countries that have reciprocity with the United States.

U.S. and other foreign donors who are donating through the Sohum Global Foundation will also get receipts for tax purposes. The "Donate" buttons throughout the website can be used to contribute via Paypal. Our Tax id is 84-2560434. 

Checks: We can receive checks from U.S. bank accounts payable to Sohum Global Foundation, Inc.  and mailed to Attn: D. Kamboh, P.O. Box 33, Chromo, CO 81128. Please reference on the project you want to support or mention general fund on the check so we can track donations.

Bank wires/ Transfers: Sohum Global Foundation, Inc. checking account. Wells Fargo Bank;

Routing # 102000076; Checking Account#8200625815.

Wells Fargo Bank Branch address: 50 Harman Drive, Pagosa Springs, CO 81147.

Beneficiary designations and Estate planning: You can leave a lasting legacy by designating the Sohum Global Foundation, Inc. as a beneficiary in your Wills & Trusts. To understand the tax benefits & advantages of creating a charitable strategy and how it may reduce your estate tax, gift tax and income tax exposure, please consult with your accountant, attorney or financial planner and ensure that your estate plan fulfills your charitable and philanthropic goals. You can also contact us for a meeting to help you create a custom plan and review your charitable planning options, that can be integrated into your legal documents and financial planning strategy.

95% of all donations received get forwarded to earmarked projects and the remaining 5% is applied towards processing fees charged by payment processing portals & operational expenses.