Volunteer Today!!

Make a difference in the lives you touch - one person, one project and one community at a time!

Thank you for clicking on this page and choosing to volunteer! We need your help with local community efforts and our various projects. You can volunteer remotely during this COVID-19 pandemic or be hands on if you can do it safely. Your skills, time, willing personality & positive attitude matter! Send us an email at info@SohumGlobalFoundation.org listing Volunteer in subject line. Please specify the following information:

  • Are you volunteering for the first time? if you have volunteered before please share some the historical work you have helped with or organizations you have supported.

  • What is your professional area of expertise if any and some of your key strengths that we can tap for various tasks. for example, are you good with applying for grants, or networking, or outreach efforts or fund raising, etc?

  • Would you like to serve on our Board and also develop or enhance your leadership skills? we always aim for our teams to benefit from each other's experience and collaborate with an open mind.

  • Currently, we need volunteers who have good organizational skills, and can help with website and social media campaigns, legal advise, accounting.

  • For our equine therapy program, we are looking for experienced volunteers (cowboys & cowgals are welcome!) who have worked with horses- rescued and adopted- and therapy programs for special needs children, veterans programs.

  • We welcome all medical professionals who can advise on how to structure our upcoming programs and create a mental help hotline that can match women, children & veterans with Psychologists or Psychiatrists on a pro bono basis.

  • If you are active in the wellness field and are a practitioner of the healing arts like massage therapyShamanic rituals, yoga, meditation, Ayurvedic processes and cooking please reach out to us.