Please contact us via email during this pandemic as Officers are working remotely. We will respond to you promptly when we receive your inquiries at


P.O. Box 33, Chromo, CO 81128.

(917) 476-7873

The Sohum Global Foundation provides tax benefits to US residents.

U.S. and other foreign donors who are donating through the Sohum Global Foundation will also get receipts for tax purposes. Our Tax id is 84-2560434.

Checks: We can receive checks from U.S. bank accounts payable to Sohum Global Foundation, Inc.  and mailed to Attn: D. Kamboh, P.O. Box 33, Chromo, CO 81128.

Bank wires/ Transfers: Sohum Global Foundation, Inc. checking account. Wells Fargo Bank;

Routing # 102000076; Checking Account#8200625815.

Wells Fargo Bank Branch address: 50 Harman Drive, Pagosa Springs, CO 81147.

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